“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”

-St Agustine


Greece, 2013

Like most people my age, my goal is to travel the world after graduation. I love exploring foreign lands, immersing myself in new cultures and creating memories with those I love.

My favorite thing to experience is the ocean.
The ocean is something I love. I understand its beauty and its dangers. I can find true fascination by the way the waves softly crash against the rocky beach, their curling fingers brushing each stone with a gentle caress as the wind ushers them gently towards the shore. The way the sun shines off the rippling water, its golden light warped in the twisted, glass waves.

And since I live in Canada, my love for the ocean enhances my love for travel

My Travel Bucket List:

Turks and Caicos
St Marten

Dominican Republic


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